Beating the big freeze….

It might be freezing out there, but we have perfect winter warmers that will keep you snug and glamorous and fend off that drop in temperature…

Exquisite winter gloves, from French glove maker Agnelle, the range includes leather, suede and wool combinations in three-quarter arm to more practical yet decidedly elegant finger-less gloves.


For hats, the pompom is still going strong and this year we have a great range from Rino & Pelle.


For scarves and wraps, look no further than the stunning French designs of Lea Clement, who create unique scarves and shawls with a combination of fur and beautiful knits in wintry tones that drape and flatter to really keep out the winter chill!


When it’s this cold, we all need a winter coat and the STUFF collection has all bases covered, from Rino & Pelle to the stunning Weekend Max Mara, which includes reversible quilted and tailored coats. For design classics with a twist look no further than the AMS Pure and Italian Transit Par Such ranges and never to be forgotten the fabulous Isabel de Pedro.


For snug jumpers, look no further than Caroline Cashmere, this season sees new styles and colours for relaxed fits, perfect for curling up in front of the fire!  Marie Sixtine and Crea Concept also deliver warm layers with bags of style and originality.

And of course, we have to keep our feet warm at this time of year, so indulge in some boots from Weekend Max Mara, they’ve been a very quick seller, so don’t wait…

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